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Restaurant The rebirth of the Plaza Athénée hôtel

March 25, 2015 by Montaigne Style Paris

Located on the famous avenue Montaigne, an ideal and courted location, the iconic Plaza Athénée was embellished, sublimated and revisited in a Haute-Couture spirit to meet the excepectations of its customers.
Redecorted, the bar as well as the restaurant are under Alain Ducasse control, in a magic unvierse in curves and delicacy, under a shower of Crystal the chef invites you to savour divine dishes accompanied with rare wives. The expérience continues in the Dior Institut spa, where you can relax and escape freely thanks to the exceptionnal card where the refinement and the élégance reign in master. A captivating expérience where all your senses will be stimulate.

Plaza Athénée, Avenue Montaigne

Plaza Athénée, Avenue Montaigne


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