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Spring Summer Collection 2015 : Five shades of bag

Beyond its useful look, the handbag stays the women’s best friends. Not only it allows her to bring her smartphone, makeup and another pair of ballerina, it also actually stands for an accessory itself. That’s why women have such a collection of handbags. Even if they have something in common such as vivid color, every handbag is unique. Let’s find out.


The bucket bag of Delphine Delafon

As its original function, the bucket bag has drawn his inspiration from the pouch and the purse meaning leather in Latin, it was used for keeping money. In this way, it allows to only bring the necessary. The Parisian designer, Delphine Delafon, focused her whole work on the bucket bag. The leather of this bag is shaped. Its colors gives him the famous bohemian touch.


Venetta Arizona by Bottega Veneta

This Veneta Arizona bag fabricated in Italy made a major come back on stage. It can be used as daily as occasionally when travelling for example because it is luxury as good as contemporary. This handmade bag has a wide handle that is responsible for his comfort. Matched with a dark style this bag brings out an incontestable class.


Cable Shopper by Balenciaga

When art and fashion are no longer clear… This bag, displayed during the spring-summer show, is adorned by painting actions. This « cable shopper» has a revolutionary feminist mind thanks to the python. The Spanish house, Balenciaga, also knew how to match both elegance and purity. His sculptural look and metallic handles are faithful to the DNA’s house.

Peekaboo by Fendi

Peekaboo created in 2009 by Fendi, is a timeless style icon, synonymous with refinement. His name evokes the traditional and transgenerational hide-and-seek game. Through a play on contrasting materials, colors and unexpected interiors, Peekaboo reveals an intimate soul full of surprises. This bag embodies a whispered sensuality that does not need to shout the new concept of luxury it epitomizes.


The Plexigas purse of Chanel

For the spring-summer 2015-2016, Chanel is revisiting their It bag in a Plexiglas purse. This purse is a must have for this season due to its geometric volume, attractive design and up-to-date materials. As usual, the purse has some more symbols of Chanel such as the shutting formed by the double C.


Bucket bag Delphine Delafon Summer 2015

Bucket bag Delphine Delafon Summer 2015

Bottega Veneta bag Summer 2015

Bottega Veneta bag Summer 2015

Balenciaga Cable Shopper L bah summer 2015

Balenciaga Cable Shopper L Summer 2015

Peekaboo by Fendi Summer 2015

Peekaboo by Fendi Summer 2015

Chanel Plexiglas Purse Summer 2015

Chanel Plexiglas Purse Summer 2015

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