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News “Personal shopper” : a career which inspires the cinema !

December 28, 2015 by Montaigne Style Paris

Kristen Stewart is not the first actress to play the role of a personal shopper for the cinema. In 2009, Isla Fisher interpreted the character of Becky Bloomwood in the adaptation of Sophie Kinsella’s successful novel, ” Confessions of a Shopaholic “. This full-length film drew the atypical route of a compulsive buyer which wished to evolve of a work of personal shopper in that of a journalist of fashion.

This time, the tone which accompanies the movie is much less funny, more carried towards a fantastic style. Known for her diverse roles in the science-fiction and dramatic movies, it seemed surprising to imagine Kristen Stewart in the skin of a personal shopper. The actress of « American Ultra », « On the road » and of « Snow White and the Huntsman » is not however ready to hold the replica of a fragile character, as Isla in the resumption of Paul John Hogan. Particularly known for her tempestuous relation with Fashion, interpret the role of an well-kept and sensual woman is a challenge for her.

But Olivier Assayas‘s movie is not that an Ode to beauty ! In reality, it is rather a ghosts story, mixing at the same time the glamour and the supernatural. The movie, shot in Paris, will go out on October 19th, 2016 in cinemas. Kristen Stewart, by interpreting Maureen’s role, puts the job of Personal Shopper at honor, integrating into cinema this well known profession from Montaigne Style.


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