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Pendulerie, brand which makes an hour an art

Ecrit par Cassie Duport

Created in 1985 in Paris, Pendulerie is a brand dedicated to the clocks of fireplace, to the works of art, to the cartels and to the regulators.

Managed by Christophe Guérin, Pendulerie is the only brand to propose set so important clocks of exception. The gallery enjoys an international Fame with the biggest collectors of French Art of the XVIIth and XIXth centuries. Present within the famous grouping of antique dealers and galleries ” Squared Left bank “, the brand of exception benefits recently from two prestigious locations within the French capital. A shop right bank kicks of the Faubourg Saint-Honoré near the Elysee and just a step from the Champs-Elysées, as well as a second shop left bank in the VIIth arrondissement, the historic place of preference for a lot of biggest antique dealers of the city lights.


Our crush

This clock of fireplace “in the tank of love” dates the time Worsen, she is bronze finely chiselled and gilded in the mat gold or tanned. The creator of this object, Jean-Simon Deverberie, becomes famous under Napoleon thanks to the rare quality of chasing and gilt of this clock as well as for his very original composition.

"au char de l'amour"

“au char de l’amour”


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