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Paris : 3 creators to follow on 2016 !

TU, the bags « Made in Italy »


As the picture of an artist, every TU bag has the peculiarity to be unique. Because they wished to make of their creations an art work, the designers of the brend opted for a Haute Couture inspiration. We owe this innovation to three women already well bound by the life. Federica d’Ascia and Mariagiovanna Riccio are old friends, and become allied to Saveria d’Ascia, sister-in-law of the first one, for bringing at the heart of TU three artistic signatures sharing the same patriotic values, their taste for luxury and their femininity. They offer to their customers the promise of a bag of quality, hand-made, with the label of “Made in Italy” ! TU clearly found his sources from its origins. Livened up by a well pronounced Italian DNA, it is from their common passion for Naples and for the Art that arise their creations. Muse of their inventions, the city of Naples attributes a real guideline to the brend. In their creations, we can find some contrasts between the Italian Baroque and the Rock. Besides having a well pronounced artistic personality, TU use noble materials, what strengthens this idea of uniqueness and of magnificence. The universe of their collection propels us at the heart of the Roman architecture of the XVIIIth century, modernized and sublimated by the preciosity of the items designed in limited edition. Some of their bags are real jewels of hand (Cf: collection Narciso, numbered edition) ! More than an accessory aiming to accompanying a dress, TU’s bag is a precious item, a work of art, created to innovate in the domain of fashion and to sublimate women !



Julien Fournié, the new Fashion design’s face !


To restore to the Woman her conqueror’s status, such is the Julien Fournié’s bet ! Directed by his passion of the Fashion design, he created in 2009 his own house, after he worked for other big names (such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Givenchy, Nina Ricci, Claude Montana), who have allowed him to develop his prodigious knowledge and to spread his skills. His inspiration ? Woman, in all her aspects, during all her history and in all its cultures ! More than a coat rack, the model is sublimated by its creations, revealed to her state of predatory and likened to a winner. And who is more capable of embodying this image of the Woman than Madonna, the icon of the feminism, for who he created costumes on the occasion of her World Tour ! So, he showed during a 2011 Showcase his collection named “First Colors”, established with black models only; A first time in the field of the Parisian Haute Couture. Because yes, his knowledge, Julien Fournié claims it Parisian ! This inspiration, it comes to him from here and there, of its numerous journeys and discoveries, but the conception is signed ” Made in Paris “, in what he calls his “laboratory”. Mainly known for his work in the Fashion design, it is in 2014 that Julien Fournié revealed his first collection of ready-to-wear, available in the Printemps Haussmann and presented with the label of ” Made in France “. The Designer fashion shows are revealed during the fashion weeks of January and July. Recognized for his work on the accessory, the jewels he create are incredible, splendid of their complexity and enough to sublimate a body. Described as a coming out ” talent ” by Claude Montana, no doubt that the team of Montaigne Style will keep an eye on this creator at the mesmerizing artistic identity !



Vionnet, an institution which resurfaces


Madeleine Vionnet, empress of the Fashion design, heroine of the 19th and recognized until our days to have freed the Woman of the influence of the corset and her respiratory limitations, knows a new breath thanks to the opening of her Parisian shop situated in 31 Kicks François 1st ( 75008 ). At the heart of the capital, next to the Champs-Elysées, in this street recognized as being one of the caves of the luxury which makes up Paris, grouping the biggest names of the Fashion design, sits from now an Institution of the fashion, a pioneer of the stylism disappeared since more than thirty years from the Parisian streets. Madeleine Vionnet’s house opens a new page of its history thanks to the opening of this shop, beginning in this way the expansion of the brand in a scale wider than Italy. Madeleine Vionnet, it is the image of a progress, the one who marks the transition of the corset in a more vaporous dress. Using the technique of the drape, she creates throughout her career many of dresses which will become mythical for the brand, compared as architectures. In her private life as in her creations, Madeleine Vionnet testifies of a well marked feminist spirit, resumed and respected since 2012 by Goga Ashkenazi, new artistic director of the house. Montaigne Style was anxious to be present at the opening of the shop, for remembering the route of this Institution of the Fashion, but also for seeing the global universe of the place, which will certainly become the new corner of meeting of the admirers of Vionnet.


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