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Know how to wear of Azzedine Alaïa in any opportunities !

5 circumstances to wear of Azzedine Alaïa !

You are a woman rather elegant ? Modern ? Distinguished ? You are ambitious ? Have a certain sense of the taste ? Be not afraid of impressing ? To be the center of attention ? Then you already got the first necessary conditions to wear Azzedine Alaïa !

Azzedine Alaïa, it is a majority of sexy dresses, made for women of insurance, comfortable with the structural style of the artist. But all your qualities will not blow you the secrets of a dress success, or the opportunities to wear it. That is why, the Montaigne Style agency reveals you its some secrets for wearing Alaïa’s clothes without being scared of be out of the subject.

For a spectacular release ! You have to assist a play, an Opera or a concert of classical music and wish to impress ? This dress open to shoulders will reveal subtly some parts of your body, whereas its color and its length shall make you more mysterious and sensual than ever ! Azzedine Alaïa, Autumn and winter Designer collection on 2015-2016

 For the new year ! You planned everything, a reception is organized by the friend of a friend, and this dress which you had bought on a fit of madness is still waiting in your cupboard until you find an event exceptional enough for take her out of it ! This is your moment ! Wear it with a red lipstick, high-heels and go !

Diane Kruger on the premiere of Farewell, My Queen in 2012

It is your first one dates and you want to respect the rule of the first meeting which consists in getting dressed ” sexy, but not too much! ” You will be then sublime in this pink dress with the meticulous finishes at the foot of the skirt !

Stylist’s advice : Associate the dress with a nude color for your shoes, so that the attention is completely carried towards you !

Gwyneth Paltrow in Azzedine Alaïa during evening organized by Baume & Mercier

If your job interview depended only on your dress, you would certainly have obtained it ! Here, the round collar, the absence of sleeves and the skirt shouts your seriousness and your motivation ! The length of the dress will put your devastating femininity in the foreground ! You are an ambitious woman, have a great future which takes shape in front of you, and that sees it !

Nicole Kidmann during evening organized by Omega

Ideal for a summer evening, at the edge of the beach or of the swimming pool, the glass in the hand and surrounded with your new meetings, this look at the same time casual and elegant is a safe bet for this period of the year, which assures her owner a beautiful look and a certain comfort thanks to its vaporous pants and its sleeveless blouse. Azzedine Alaïa, Spring and summer collection on 2016

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