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Jitrois Autumn Winter 2015-2016 : One, two, Jitrois

Montaigne style goes back to the autumn winter Jitrois’s collection for you. Jitrois is the absolute reference as far as leather is concerned.

From the beginning we know how it is going to be. This new edition will be focused on stretch leather and fur, developed in 34 compositions. We found 4 alpha colors beyond the traditional brown, black and cream-colored resulted in natural leather. This colors fall within evolution of the seasons. The autumnal balminess is about orange and deep red short dresses. Slowly, ice blue tint inject life and freshness to the collection. Models are more and more well dressed with more and more fur. Even if, many creations pay tribute to the greatness of the used materials, we are stunned by the singularity of fuchsia in seven pieces. Creations are modern, dresses are fitted, the Jitrois’hand at once glamor and incredible proved us once again his efficiency by reinventing the Parisian style.

Jitrois Show Autumn Winter 2015-2016

Jitrois Show Autumn Winter 2015-2016

Blue fur Fashion Show Nitrous A-H 2015-2016

Blue fur Fashion Show Nitrous A-H 2015-2016

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