+Jingyu Your Personal Shopper in Paris !

ASIA Jingyu, Your Personal Shopper in Paris

December 22, 2015 by Montaigne Style Paris

Jingyu, Your Personal Shopper in Paris

Your personal stylist Jingyu is originally from China and speaks English and Mandarin.

Jingyu defines the Parisian woman as “elegant, charming and discrete. Paris inspires them and its fashion houses have dictated the trends and have established what is chic is for decades. This is what gives Parisian women that je ne sais quoi;”
French elegance is a myth. It truly does exists and it is attainable. It comes from a very specific style that focuses on simplicity and depicts a very natural way of dressing. An art within itself, a defined sense of fashion and colors, that we will be delighted to teach you.
Thanks to Jingyu’s guidance, you will gain the self-confidence to make the latest fashions your own.

Get to know her more in the following video !


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