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Balmain, fall-winter 2015-2016, focus on the néo 70′ style

The magic of Balmain, orchestrated once more with brillo and know-how by Olivier Rousteing, transports us in the heart of the 70s. The fall-winter collection 2015-2016 takes root around the striking codes of that time: wide, sensual, wrinkled, line and colored pants, dresses sprinkled with luxurious embroidery and with very fine synthetic fringes which waltz and accompany the feline look of the models. We also find dresses indented and encircled with a correctness and a precision almost surgical which gives a strong and sensual look to the woman. This power also finds itself in the colors of dark purple, emerald green, yellow-gold and of pure and ultra-chic black. In the flounced skirts which bring a targeted and precise density to the silhouette or still in the tops where the transparency  is as posted than subdued.

Finally, in the structured cutting by the jackets which come to place exactly on shoulders and those of coats XXL, which cloak due to their length the body. The desire to bring a male touch is tangible but with a delicacy that only Olivier Rousteing, for Balmain, has the secret. A fashion show  where the spectre of the 70s ‘ is present while remaining nevertheless current, perfectly anchored in its time.


Shooting for the fall-winter 2015-2016 collection, Balmain

balmain_look_10_jpg_6312_north_420x_black balmain_look_5_jpg_6290_north_420x_black balmain_look_7_jpg_4426_north_420x_black balmain_look_2_jpg_9282_north_420x_black balmain_look_22_jpg_6734_north_420x_black balmain_look_21_jpg_7944_north_420x_black balmain_look_18_jpg_4338_north_420x_black balmain_look_15_jpg_5292_north_420x_black

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