Autumn Winter Collection 2015 2016+Autumn Winter Collection 2015-2016

Fashion Show Autumn Winter Collection 2015-2016 : Riccardo Tisci, Fashion In The Wild

June 22, 2015 by Montaigne Style Paris

Throughout this exotico-victorian look, Ricardo Tisci has been trying to give to the women a tribal and defiant side, by means of a true melting pot. Attired in bountiful devices and jewels, the look of the women is marked by the influence of the Inca, Mexican and especially Indian cultures. Black, burgundy, amber colored and midnight blue are the dominant colors of this collection. Among leather and fur, the creator appealed to primal materials so as to awaken the bestial and alpha female side of the women while preserving her sensuality. We could compare them with an original cortege from a hostile South American jungle. The balance between this primitive appearance and the femininity of the models is due to materials such as lace, silk or still satin. Although they would be the poles apart, both styles match perfectly in a harmony that is both stylish and extremely modern.

Autumn Winter Collection 2015-2016

Autumn Winter Collection 2015-2016


  • Autumn Winter Collection 2015 2016Autumn Winter Collection 2015-2016
  • Autumn Winter Collection 20152016Autumn Winter Collection 2015 2016

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