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Valentino : Spring and Summer bag collection on 2016

Valentino, it is the image of a visionary creator, using(wearing out) prodigious techniques and bringing to the domain of the fashion a part of its imagination. Always suggestive of enchantment, its collections are magnificent artistic works. So that, as our team, you became soaked with the artistic universe of the house Valentino, we decided to present you the last collection of bags of the house, create on the occasion of the Spring and summer seasons 2016 !


Spring and summer, season of the beauty, the blooming and the colors! It is certainly the values which inspired the house Valentino during the creation of this line of bags. Contrary to dresses presented during the spring and summer parade on 2016, it is a question fewer dark models, but rather a sparkling collection of bags. Inclined to a shape of cheerfulness. The models are colored, livened up by motives, plunging us towards a brightened up day of April.

As pulled by a picture, bags Valentino testifies of a big sensibility ! For some, colors, soft, in the very spring breath, illustrated with flowery motives, propel their owner towards a more natural space. Used as guideline to this collection, to nails accompany every model. In spite of the difference of horizons chosen by the house as the elaboration of the collection of Spring and summer ready-to-wear clothing on 2016 and of that of bags, the themes of these lines stay nevertheless the same. So, bags in black veal studed declined in the form of backpack or of shoulder bag create the contrast with the flowery aspect and the more geometrical aspect of the collection. The nature dimension, the animal and the tribal aspect is reminded by the inlay of motives leopard, of butterflies … Always loan in the Luxury and in the whim, this collection, at the same time modern and fabulous corresponds perfectly to Valentino’s imagination, situated between the dream and the reality, the unreal and the tangible.

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