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5 Instagram pages to follow !

2016, the beginning of new year, of new discoveries, new knocks of heart ! And to miss nothing of the current events, we propose you 5 pages complete Instagram, managed towards the luxury, create with the aim of informing and guiding their followers towards the way of the perfection !


Anastasia Beverly Hills :

For an irreproachable look and as a supplement to a magnificent dress, nothing is more effective than a worked make-up. Anastasia Beverly Hills, it is a little the ultimate reference in term of make-up. The brand, hyper popular in the United States and used by the most popular celebrities, detains one of the pages the most complete Instagram in the domain. There, shall find you as well pictures of products of the brand there, but also (and especially !) a quantity of Instagram girl and Youtubers propped up in the subject, who share with you them tricks for a make-up adapted in any opportunities !


Kendall and Kylie Jenner :

The Jenner’s sisters, fashion icons, follower of the Luxury ! References ultimate regarding trend at only 18 and 20 years old, both young women are hits-chorus girls to be absolutely followed in 2016 ! Why ? Because they share ! They share the brand of their bags, their make-up techniques, the designers they like, the fashion-shows that they made (thus, the creators who like THEM), the destinations of holidays which make us dream …
So young but so influential, they create the fashion and transmits it to us. Already popular in 2015 with their million subscribers, they gain to be followed and supported for their participation in the evolution of fashion.

Alixcherry :

More known under the pen name of The Cherry Blossom girl ! This blogger, French, particularly known in the internet, is a real registered trademark of the luxury ! Always got ready by our favorite brands, she follows dedicatedly the current Designer fashion events, and sharing thanks to magnificent photographies the last events in which she participated…
The bit extra : since the birth of her daughter Iris, she posts on her page the pictures of some luxury brands which dresses her beautiful baby.


Follow in preview the current events of the Chanel’s house ! New video sequences, official pictures of the fashion shows, their models, the next trends… All the Chanel artistic universe is revealed into it, so that more than consumers of the brand, we became more intimate with the image which represents her !
Montaigne Style :
To become a real Luxury knower !
Do not content with buying to buy ! It is moreover one of the fundamental principles of Montaigne Style, ” buy less, but buy better ! ” And to reach there, nothing more effective that to inquire on the novelties ! On our instagram page, you will find : our last discoveries, the trends to followed, the fashion shows to be retained, collections to not miss and the shops to visit !

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