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5 objects to put in your bag !

Every people needs to have his necessity of survives. In our case, fashionistas, the list of objects essential to put in our bag is not completely of the same order as that of other people.

First of all, and even if we are tempted to take our whole collection of make-up, rather take one or two elements of your collection. A lipstick compatible with your dress will save you, for example, from mornings stopwatch, in the course of which the “total” make-up is not more possible than a ” complete lunched ” !

A cereal bar ! Because during hurry mornings, or of a lack of time to have lunch, the small meal is not to be neglected ! Take two minutes for you, and make a fresh start ! Never forget that the first beauty secret is a good food !

The varnish of helps ! It saves you from small concernsn of the everyday life : the stress, a drawer which closes on your fingers, and which damages your varnish. Do not hide your nails any more for fear of being perceived as a non-thoughtful woman. It is a breath of relief that you will release when you would find it in your handbag !

The spray of flavor, an essential to always have in your bag ! Because we never know really which situations we will confront, or with who we shall be brought to talk, the spray allows to protect the smell of our flavor as at the first application, to be always in the best of our presentation.

And finally, the purse ! Because fashionistas is nothing without their credit card, the wallet is a major component of their wardrobe. It accompanies in her purchases and also with her dress. The bag of a Woman cannot be  separate from its purse !


Yves Saint Laurent "Rouge Pur Couture" lipstick

Yves Saint Laurent “Rouge Pur Couture” lipstick

 Estée Lauder "Pur Color" varnish, in Diabolique tint

Estée Lauder “Pur Color” varnish, in Diabolique tint

Sephora spray of flavor

Sephora spray of flavor

Michael Kors purse

Michael Kors purse

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