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EPV : « Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant »

EPV, the label of the French know-how

The EPV (“Company of the Alive Heritage“), is a label indicating the companies of which the work testifies of the French-style excellence, creates with the aim of rewarding these industries for their rare, antique and prestigious know-how. Workshops of sewing, jewelry, companies of the art of entertaining are included there…

To detain a certain know-how is not enough to obtain the label EPV, and a lot of criteria are to be respected to be crowned by this label. The French companies having this label have not only for function to hold and to produce their activity in France, but also to embody the French-style identity. Here is a list of the criteria to fill to obtain this label of the perfection :

The criteria indicating the detention of a specific economic heritage :

The company have machines, equipments… allowing to use rare techniques.

She has the rights of industrial property on her products, her services or her equipments of productions

The company have a significant network of clientele

The criteria indicating the detention of a rare know-how consisting in the control of traditional techniques or high technicality :

The company have one or a small number of company in the indisputable know-how

This know-how is accessible to the learning only by way of the company itself

Only qualified people with an excellent know-how, justified by titles or high level rewards can work for the company

The criteria indicating the seniority of the geographical setting-up or the fame of the company :

The company must be installed in its current locality for more than fifty years. She holds premises which have a historic or a architectural value.

To understand better the reasons of such a gratitude, we selected 5 of the fashion houses valued by this label :


-> Chanel Fashion-Design/Ready-to-wear/Accessories

-> Givenchy Fashion-Design

-> Lanvin

-> Céline Ready-to-wear

-> Christian Dior Fashion-Design


All of them favor the French know-how. Representative of a creative style and an excellent know-how, these references of the fashion embody not only the Luxury and the prestige, but also the French elegance. So, their creations are entirely made in their workshops based in France.

A lot of foreigners get dressed of them names, to be soaked on one hand of France.

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