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January 29, 2016 by Montaigne Style Paris

How does our service Personal Shopper : Buy For Me work?

Our Personal Shopper in Paris will be like your personal assistant. Your selected personal shopper will be at your entire disposition to fulfill all of your needs and desires no matter where you are in the world. Your personal shopper will embark on a mission to find all the pieces you requested and buy them for you in Paris. Thanks her expertise, your stylist will hand-pick the most exclusive and unique pieces that fit your demands as well as a selection of must-haves options if you so desire

Fulfill all your shopping needs Anywhere, Anytime


Our Personal Shopper is at your entire disposal to satisfy and answer to all of your demands wherever you may be in the world.

How to do?

Send us your requests to hello@montaignestyle.com

You will choose your means of payment and we will then send you the link for you to settle your due.

We will verify if the articles you desire are available. Your Personal Shopper will select them and send you pictures

We will send you the bill so that you can validate your purchases and the payment,

We will send you your package to the country you specify

You will then shortly receive your purchases so that you can enjoy your items to their best and without any restrains.



Items’ search:

99€ – 1 to 2 articles

149€ – 3 to 5 articles

39€ – additional articles

Regarding the item, prices may vary from 10 to 20%.


Payment methods

Bitcoin: a new digital payment option

Credit Card


Bank Transfer (France only)


Delivery: according to your specifications, we will mail you your package as soon as you have validated the purchases

Paris: delivery within 2 hours to your hotel.

France: delivery within 24 hours by DHL Xpress*

Europe: delivery within 48 hours by DHL*

Worldwide: delivery within 72 hours by Fedex*

* – if validated before 11 a.m. Delivery fees depends on the weight of the purchases


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

By mail at hello@montaignestyle.com

By phone at +33  1 77 12 65 59


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